Mechanical Smoke Extraction

• Smoke extraction fans and ancillaries
• Basement impluse fans
• Make-up air solutions

Smoke & Natural Ventilation

• Ventilation Louvres
• Fusible link smoke ventilators
• Electromechanical ventilators

Window & Door Automation

• Automated window actuators
• Automated door openers
• Environmental control sensors

Flammable Liquid Store Solutions

• Spark proof fans and ancillaries
• Hazardous gas sensors
• Fire dampers

Smoke Baffles & Fire Curtains

• Smoke reservoir baffles
• Automated fire curtains

Pressurisation Systems

• Pressurisation fans and ancillaries
• Pressure sensors
• Pressure relief dampers

Our specialised products and services, enable end user clients to enjoy a healthier, safer and cost-effective environment.